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Live Audio Production

Sound Design

Every production has its own unique sound needs. At  mediasolutions we provide systems with all the inputs, outputs, and functionality needed for the performance. The speaker arrangement must be carefully set to provide an optimal sonic experience for every person in the audience, as well as for everyone onstage. With media solution you get a customized solution that provides the best for your production, all within the scope of your spacial, technical, and budgetary limitations.

Sound Engineering

mediasolutions sound engineer is the conduit for everything the audience and performers hear. Every sonic nuance must be clearly heard, and the overall mix must be comfortable and satisfying to the listener.

Our Crew

Having a team of  mediasolutionsprofessionals behind the scenes is the key to a seamless production. Strong technical knowledge, a pro-active attitude and careful attention to detail ensures your production is heard and enjoyed by all.


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