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Our Recording Studio

Mediasolutions is dedicated to the craft of sound, high-quality audio, sonic clarity, and client satisfaction. We bring skills, creativity, and technology to your mix and a voice to your project.

Our Audio | Music Services

At mediasolutions, our audio recording services are designed for aspiring musicians and seasoned artists alike. We bring our knowledge, experience and talents to your project. You gain:

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Recording professionals who will listen and make recommendations for your success in the music industry
  • Skillful production and engineering that highlights your strengths and mixes tracks to support the emotions of your music
  • Establish a connection and observe our in-house East Coast Entertainment group

We blend your ideas and talents with the skills and experience of our professional musicians to give life to your music.

Our team of skilled professionals meet with you to identify your objectives, and assess your needs. We build a strategy that aligns with your multimedia needs and goals. You partner with our talented mediasolutions team to take advantage of leading-edge recording studios to complete your CD or preferred media. We work with you through every phase of the process so you are satisfied with the end results.

Your Results!

With mediasolutions audio and music services, you enjoy the benefits of high-end recording and professional musicians, helping you get noticed within the music industry. 

  • Full sonic quality sound in a CD for the road
  • A live recording studio experience at an amazing cost
  • Input and support by seasoned recording professionals and musicians

McGinty - Joe Batts Arm

Halifax Pier - Brand New Man

Roger Stone - Oh Cruel Sea

Louise Brooking - Under The Covers

Dwayne Cote - Magic Fingers of Dougie MacPhee

David Muise - No Snow In Jamaica

Some Of Our Equipment Includes:

Microphones  Instruments Guitar Amplifiers Software
Rhodes NT2A Fender Telecaster (American) Fender  Cubase
Neumann KM 185 (matched pair) Gretsch Nashville Anniversary Series
Vox  UAD2 Satellite Suite
AT4033 Anniversary Series Gibson SG 1960's Heritage Edition Traynor Antares Auto Tune
Sennheiser 906  Gibson 335  Marshall XLN Addictive Drums
Shure 57's
1954 Gibson J45
  Misc B4
Shure Beta 58 Taylor 414 StudioLive 24.4.2 Amplitude Pro & Custom Shop
Electro Voice Cardinal Larrivee D05 Tannoy HALion Sonic Full
Sennheiser 935 Baby Taylor  Apple Native Instruments Kontakt 5
  Taylor 814 Prime Acoustic East West Hollywood Symphony Suite
  Yamaha Guitalele   LA2A
  Dobro-Dobro   Shadow Hills
  Washburn Mandolin   Lexicon
  Tobias Growler 5 Bass    
  Toca Limited Edition Bongos    
  Ludwig Drums    
  ACE Piano Accordion    
  Yamaha KX8    

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