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Video Production

With a mediasolutions video, you get an amazing product that combines multiple media formats to create a powerhouse medium to address your clients and audience, convey your message and express your ideas.

Our Video Services

At mediasolutions, we produce videos for corporate entities, musicians, and the general public for web marketing, event recap, green screen, training and education, online learning, brand exposure - just about any visual message you need to express to your audiences.

  • Internal Events - event recap, employees, training, safety, operations, instructions, equipment, leadership messages, and much more...
  • External Events  - trade shows, web commercials, messages to shareholders
  • Web - marketing videos describing your products and services that resonates with potential customers

We blend multiple media to produce high-end, quality video that sells your products and services.

Video Samples

Our Process

Our team of skilled professionals will meet with you to identify your objectives and assess your needs. We build a strategy that aligns with your multimedia needs and goals. You partner with our amazing  mediasolutions team to take advantage of a full video production studio, an editing suite, green screen studio and two professional audio recording studios to complete your project. We work with you through every phase of the process, keeping you informed and up to date on the timeline and the end results.

Your Results!

With a mediasolutions professional video, we place you in a competitive position in the market. You enjoy the benefits of full 1080p HD Broadcast Quality video that:

  • Serves as an impressive first point of contact to your customers and audiences
  • Costs less than large media marketing companies
  • Makes it easy for you to express your brand and bring life to your ideas

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